Term Dates and Bell Times

Bell times

School commences 9:00AM Daily. A bell will go at 8:50am for children to come inside and unpack their bags and prepare for the day which includes specific routines in each classroom. Please ensure that your child arrives in good time - between 8:45am and 8:50am - to make a smooth start to the day. It is recommended that children do not arrive before 8:45am as supervision in the playground is not provided before this time. It is vital for children's safety that they are not rushing to school, knowing that they are late. If a child arrives after 9:00am, the parent needs to sign the late book at the office and a late pass will be given to the student to hand to their class teacher.

Enter School Bell 8:50AM
Lessons commence 9:00AM
Morning Recess 11:00AM - 11:30AM
Lunch 1:30PM - 2:30PM
School Finish 3:30PM

Children will eat their morning recess snack from 11:00 -11:10 and their lunch between 1:30pm and 1:40pm in the classroom.

Collection of children

On occasions, parents have to arrange special appointments for their children during school hours, e.g. dentist, doctor, and optometrist. If it is necessary to collect your child during school hours, please notify the classroom teacher in writing, indicating the time you wish to collect your child and the reason.

On collecting children, please call into school office to sign the Early Exit Book and your child will be brought to the office. It is requested that children are collected from the school and not asked to walk home alone, as the school cannot accept responsibility for children once they leave the school grounds. Children will not be permitted to walk home unattended during school hours. 


Term Dates 2018


Term 1

Wednesday 31st January

Thursday 29th March

finish 2.30pm

Term 2

Monday 16th April

Friday 29th June

finish 2.30pm

Term 3

Monday 16th July

Friday21st September

finish 2.30pm

Term 4

Monday 8th October

Friday 21st December

finish 1.30pm


Curriculum Days

Monday 29th January

Tuesday 30th January

Thursday 7th June

Friday 8th June


OSHClub will run a full day program on these days if there is sufficient interest.

Further Information

If you would  like further information regarding our school or kindergarten; you can contact us by phone or email as listed on our contact page. Or feel free to browse our website.