Performing Arts

Mount Pleasant Road employs a music specialist to conduct our program, which includes a classroom program, junior and senior school choirs, band and percussion activities. The program teaches children a range of musical skills and provides an opportunity to perform through musical productions, choir and band performances, musical soirees, concerts and assembly items.
We also have opportunities for children to learn musical instruments on a user pays basis with Music Online. Mount Pleasant Road recognises the importance of providing all children with a musice education that will provide opportunities for children to excel.


The music specialist involves children in a weekly music lesson, which features music theory, singing and percussion work. Mount Pleasant Road provides opportunities for children to join either the junior or senior choir and school band. A whole school musical production is held every second year. 2017 is a production year and it will be held in Term Three at karralyka Theatre. Music education develops skills of co-operation, concentration, listening, emotional development and self-expression.

The program at Mount Pleasant Road provides opportunities for children to take part in a diverse range of musical experiences and perform in the public arena.


Drama and Dance

Drama provides children with the opportunity to take on roles and develop a deeper awareness of the world around them. Drama develops the children's imagination, co-ordination and problem-solving skills. Students communicate their feelings and ideas through movement and dance. Junior and Senior dance troupes were formed in 2014 which are run by a qualified dance teacher.

Further Information

If you would  like further information regarding our school or kindergarten; you can contact us by phone or email as listed on our contact page. Or feel free to browse our website.