Parent Participation

There are many ways in which parents can contribute to the functioning of the school.

  • Activity days/ Theme days
  • Assisting individual children with language or reading
  • Cooking Activities
  • Excursions - accompanying a group
  • Fundraising activities
  • Investigate, Create Express leader or assistant
  • Library assistance - Shelving, maintenance of books & processing of materials
  • Literature Groups
  • Maths Groups
  • Parents & Friends meetings
  • School Council Member
  • Special Lunch Days
  • Sports Teams / Coaching
  • Talking to groups of children on your hobby, culture or area of expertise
  • Technology
  • Uniform Shop
  • Working Bees
  • Parent Managed Head Lice Program

The assistance given by parents is greatly appreciated by Staff and certainly benefits your child/ren. Talk to your child's teacher if you feel that you can assist the school in any way.


Parents and Friends Group (P&F) 

The parent group at Mount Pleasant Road Primary School and Kindergarten is open to all parents and friends of the community. The primary aim of the group is to advance the social welfare of the school We do this by providing opportunities for social interaction between parents, staff, students and friends.

The success of the group is dependent upon your support. Please consider joining - we can offer you friendship, fun and lots of fellowship. Our monthly meeting times appear along with news of past and future events in the Newsletter. Please speak to Sue at the office if you have further questions on how to be involved.


School Council

The School Council is the administrative body that determines the general educational policy of the school within the guidelines issued by the Department of Education & Early Childhood Development. School council looks after the school finances, including the budget and expenditure of funds. School Council is also responsible for maintenance and the development of building and grounds and review of both Kindergarten and School Policies. Parents will be notified through the newsletter when school and kindergarten policies will be available on this website for parent feedback.


Our School Council comprises of seven parents, elected by parents, two co-opted members and four  school based staff who are elected for a two year term in March each year plus the Principal who is the Executive Officer. Information on the elections and sub-committe and council meeting dates is included in the school calendar on the front page of this website and on the front of each weekly Newsletter. Observers are welcome at the monthly meetings.


School Council Sub-Committees:

Currently there are four committees:

Education:                                       Convenor - Amanda Nelson           Members - Kim Streitberger, Kelly-Anne Cleggett/Al Milsted, Jacqui Leou, Elisabeth Waycott

Facilities:                                         Convenor - Aiden O'Connor          Members - Kim Streitberger, Luke Watters, Lena Rogan, Cam Walker, David Griffiths

Finance:                                          Convenor - Lisa Yeoman               Members: Elisabeth Waycott, Rebecca Smith, Sue Moore

Community, Services and Personnel: Convenor -Sam Tang                    Members - Kim Streitberger, Luke Watters, Karry Sourivong


Each of these committees is convened by a school councillor, but membership is open to any interested parent or staff member. Observers to these meetings are also welcome.

Further Information

If you would  like further information regarding our school or kindergarten; you can contact us by phone or email as listed on our contact page. Or feel free to browse our website.