Mathematics pervades all aspects of our lives - as citizens, in our homes and in the workplace. It has applications in all human activities, crossing cultural and linguistic boundaries to provide a universal way of solving problems in such diverse areas as science and engineering, business and finance, technology, arts and crafts and many everyday activities such as cooking. Competence in Mathematics is integral to successful participation in modern society.prep00006

Through learning Mathematics the students will: -

  • demonstrate essential mathematical and numeracy skills necessary for successful employment and functioning in society
  • solve practical problems with mathematics
  • develop specialist knowledge in maths that provides for further study in the discipline
  • see mathematical connections and be able to apply mathematical concepts, skills and processes in posing and solving mathematical problems
  • be confident in their personal knowledge of Mathematics and feel able both to apply it, and to acquire new knowledge and skills when needed
  • be empowered through knowledge of Mathematics and apply this knowledge critically in societal and political contexts
  • develop understanding of the role of Mathematics in life, society and work and the role of Mathematics in history

All students at our school study a sequential Mathematics course based upon the learning foci contained within the Victorian Curriculum. Activities are frequently based on real life examples and hands-on materials and activities are incorporated into the lessons.

Student’s individual abilities are measured at the commencement of each unit of work, and learning opportunities are provided that cater for the identified needs of each student. Each student has a user name and password to access the Mathletics program and will be able to practise all concepts at an appropriate level, both at home and at school.

Student progress in all dimensions of Mathematics will be reported in half and end of year academic reports, as well as being reported on in the school’s annual report. Students track their progress and set goals for themselves in mathematics using 'I Can' statements

Mathematical activities that reflect the topics being studied at school, and are appropriate to each child’s ability, will form a regular component of each student’s homework regime in Years 3-6.



Mount Pleasant Road is one of the first Victorian schools to be accredited as a Moneysmart school. We already have a strong curriculum being taught in financial literacy and we are adding to our programs with staff traning and the use of resources provided by MoneySmart Teaching - a national program developed by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). Through MoneySmart Teaching, our students will continue to learn about the concepts of planning, spending, saving, donating and investing and their rights and responsibilities as consumers. MoneySmart Teaching offers a range of resources for parents and carers including a series of videos with David and Libby Koch who look at topics such as pocket money, budget planning and effectively dealing with marketing and peer pressure. Visit to access these resources for you to use at home

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