Health, Physical Education and Sport

The aim of our Health and Physical Education Program is to develop in children an enthusiasm for physical activities and sport. The Health Program includes looking at the Health of Individuals and Populations, Self and Relationships and Movement and Physical Activity. The program caters for individual differences and is sequential.

Children in all classes participate in scheduled Physical Education classes that encompass developing and identifying skills. All teachers regularly involve their children in fitness programs, games and other physical activities. Children are encouraged to participate to the best of their ability and good sportsmanship is enthusiastically promoted. Mount Pleasant Road Primary School is fortunate to have a wide variety of physical education and sporting equipment, and spacious grounds for such activities, including an oval and other grassed playing areas, basketball/ netball courts, a volleyball court and asphalted areas for games such as bat-tennis and four square. There are three playgrounds and two sandpits also available for active play.


Interschool sports


All students in Year Three to Six have the opportunity to participate in interschool sports, including Athletics, Cross Country and Swimming. Students in Year 5 and 6 also particpate in team sports (eg netball, football, soccer, volleyball, softball, t-ball, basketball, bat tennis). Students in Years 3-6 can purchase a sport's top from the Uniform Shop. Team members are supplied with uniform items for specific sports such as netball and AFL football.


Bike Education


Children in Years 5 and 6 participate in our annual Bike Education Program. This program teaches safety and riding skills and culminates in a supervised ride in the local streets. Road Safety skills are taught at all levels


Swimming and Water Safety Education 


Children in all classes are expected to participate in our Swimming Program, which uses qualified Aust-Swim instructors to teach sequential water safety and swimming techniques




Perceptual Motor Program


The rationale for introducing a Perceptual Motor Program to our school is that fitness,hand-eye co-ordination and body awareness are very closely related to the learning skills of the school program. Therefore, through such a program we hope to assist each child to function more successfully in all phases of the school curriculum. Children from Foundation and Year 1 have one period of P.M.P each week. These classes are held in the hall and aim to develop physical co-ordination, by promoting eye-hand, eye-foot co-ordination, locomotion, rhythm and balance.


To enable small groups to operate, the school seeks the assistance of parents. If you are able to give time to this worthwhile program please inform your child's teacher or the school office.



 Life Education


Every odd year the Life Education Van brings its programs to our school. Students participate in sessions in the classroom and the van on Health education topics that are age appropriate.

Further Information

If you would  like further information regarding our school or kindergarten; you can contact us by phone or email as listed on our contact page. Or feel free to browse our website.